Grooving Attachment and Power Drive package

  • Anti-slipping device enables safe, efficient processing
  • Groove depth easily adjusted.
  • Power Drive facilitates light and easy operation.

When joining pipe using the Roll Grooving method no metal is removed during the roll grooving process. Instead, the pipe material at the groove is displaced inward by the roll groove forming operation. As a result, the groove is made considerably faster than cut grooving or threading. Roll Grooving also minimises the need to use messy cutting fluids and the generation of metal shavings are also eliminated. In fact, one of the roll grooving’s most recognized benefits are time savings. Less time to prepare the pipe for installation translates to shorter production schedules and fewer chances for construction delays.
With regard to pipe end preparation, roll grooving does not compromise the integrity of the pipe joint. The inward radial displacement which occurs at the groove during the roll grooving process causes pipe material property changes comparable to similar cold forming manufacturing operations. Any potential increase in pipe hardness, reduction in tensile strength or reduction in elongation due to the roll grooving process has no effect on the pressure capability of the joint.
The Rex roll grooving method offers a clean, fast method for grooving standard wall and light wall carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, PVC, copper and copper nickel tubing and pipe. This has helped roll grooving to become the standard method for pipe end preparation in grooved pipe systems, with more than 90 percent of standard wall pipe being roll grooved instead of cut grooved. The construction scheduling timesaving benefits and inherent cleanliness are complemented by excellent pressure handling performance once installed. Moreover, decades of field-proven success on millions of roll grooved pipe joints around the world fully demonstrate its integrity for use in grooved piping systems.