Copper Shut-Off Tools are designed to shut off and reshape 3/4" through 2" Type K copper tubing. The tool swings open to go around the pipe. Fine threads on the screw provide smooth, easy tightening. Sliding bar handle is used to increase leverage for turning and to permit work in tight places. The handle can be positioned in two different spots, depending on where there is clearance. The bottom open area of the shut-off tool is used to reround the tubing to allow 80-90 percent return of flow. All parts are corrosion protected for long service life. Grease fittings for lubrication yield long tool life and easy operation.

Catalog No. Item Code Tube Capacity Weight
in mm lbs kg
CSO1 08200 3/4 - 1 19 - 25 7.9 3.6
CSO2 08202 1 1/4 - 2 32 - 51 13.0 5.9