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  • plumBOSS Digital Manometer (0-35kpa) | 8205

    plumBOSS Digital Manometer (0-35kpa) | 8205

    Small sized digital manometer is ideal for use on site or in the workshop. With a range of: 0 up to +5 PSI (35 Kpa) 4 digit display shows the pressure accurate to 0.3% and a minimum resolution of 0.004 Bar (0.4 Kpa, 0.1 Psi) Maximum allowable pressure is 5 Psi or 35 Kpa Inbuilt ports for Positive and Vacuum pressures enable differential pressures to be directly displayed. The values can be displayed in any of 11 units and the 82100 does automatic conversions even during use. The Units selectable are Bar mmHG ozin KGcm Psi InH2O Kpa FtH2O inHG CmH2O Mbar Automatic zero function, Auto off, Response time 0.5 Sec. Automatic temperature compensation 0 - 50C. Kit Includes 1 x Meter Unit 1 x 9.0 Volt Battery 1 x Carrying Case 2 x 500mm Connection Hoses 1 x Operation Manual


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