Tristand Chain Vice

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  • Tri-stand Chain Vise 6 inch CVX6 | RX120CVB

    Tri-stand Chain Vise 6 inch CVX6 | RX120CVB

    TRISTAND CHAIN PIPE VICE Chain Vices permit the holding of irregular shapes and provide an excellent cost-for-capacity value Features: The CVX6 is a chain vice and stand all in one. It features a built in chain vice, pipe bending slots, pipe rest, ceiling brace screw and hardened replaceable jaws. It is flat, simple and has up to 1.5 times more working surface than previous models. Safe and Reliable operation made for outstanding durability and functionality, the CVX6 is designed with a die cast base offering robust reliability. Bender effortlessly bends thin walled steel pipes up to 3/4" Hold for storage


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