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  • HPC8B - Replacement blade for HPC8 | RD40027

    HPC8B - Replacement blade for HPC8 | RD40027

    Replacement blade for REED HPC8 guillotine pipe cutter. Expect high quality cuts from this durable, non-stick coated, heat-treated, tool steel blade. Best performance when the tool and the pipe are kept clean and the blade edge is free of nicks. Blade can be sharpened before replacement is needed.


  • Guillotine Pipe Cutter 125-350mm - HPC12 | RD04612

    Guillotine Pipe Cutter 125-350mm - HPC12 | RD04612

    Guillotine Pipe Cutters Robust Guillotine Pipe Cutters are designed to cut PE pipe thicker than SDR17 within 1/8" (3 mm) of square on medium and high-density pipe. HPC12 is designed for DIPS and IPS PE pipe from SDR17 to SDR9.3. Brass bushings in HPC12 crosshead feed assembly yield smooth feed and more consistent blade alignment. The accurate cuts from Reed Guillotine Cutters mean no facing is needed for electrofusion and only minimal facing for butt fusion joints. Durable, non-stick coated blade makes many square cuts with no chips to clog valves and small openings. Slight taper on blade allows an easy start to the cut, and holds form for a nice, straight cut. Blades are easy to sharpen or replace. NOTES: Reed strongly recommends use of the Grounding Accessory with Guillotine Cutters. Use a Grounding Accessory as a precaution against static build-up. Dissipate the charge and minimize the possibility of ignition. HPCs cut PE only and will not cut PVC or PP (polypropylene) pipe, such as Aquatherm. SPECIAL ORDER


  • Guillotine Pipe Cutter - HPC8+ | RD04609

    Guillotine Pipe Cutter - HPC8+ | RD04609

    Manual, guillotine style cutter slices smoothly through PE. All aluminum construction results in greater rigidity and lighter tool with 22%+ weight reduction versus prior HPC8 model. Hinged latch opens to fit around pipe in the ditch.  Greater pipe capacity, up to 9.06" O.D. (230 mm) fits true 8" DIPS and IPS for PE. Aluminum rails and crosshead have a hard anodized finish to reduce wear on sliding surfaces. Superior cuts with USA made blade.


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