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  • T-Drill PLUS 115 Basic Package for Copper | TD5700313

    T-Drill PLUS 115 Basic Package for Copper | TD5700313

    PLUS 115 CU Portable Collaring System for Copper tubes The PLUS 115 Copper Collaring System is an effortless, capacity expanding attachment for the heavy duty T-65 Portable Collaring Machine. It forms 54–115 mm (NS 2″–4″) outlets on copper tubes up to 206 mm (NS 8″) in just a few minutes. By eliminating two brazed joints, the system minimizes costs and increases profit while offering improved quality, comparable to mechanically formed tee joints. The ergonomically designed system minimizes the operator workload and is effortless to use. The powerful PLUS 115 SS is an ideal solution to be used both on the jobsite and in the fabrication shop.


  • I  PLUS 115 Basic Package for SS | TD5700310


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