Universal Pipe Cutter 6"-36" Pneumatic

Large Diameter Pipe Saw (UPC)

These lightweight, easy-to-use Universal Pipe Cutters (UPC) are available to cut 6in - 48in (150-1300mm) outside diameter ductile iron, cast iron, clay, concrete, PVC, or PE pipe. The cutters are pneumatic or hydraulic powered. The lower cost 616A uses the same motor as the 636 and the 648, but does not need connecting frames. The UPC616 is shipped in a steel toolbox with a three gallon, formed steel water tank. The UPC636 and UPC648 come in a steel toolbox with a seven gallon, stainless steel water tank and cart UPC836APE and UPC848APE are designed specifically for cutting PE pipe. The kit includes a 6in and 8in carbide tipped blade. The 8" blade will cut large diameter PE pipe with a wall thickness up to 2.65in (67mm). UPC836APE and UPC848APE also come in a steel box but without the water tank.

Image Code Product Name
Reed Universal Pipe Cutter Pneumatic 6-36in - UPC636A
Reed Universal Pipe Cutter Pneumatic 6-48in - UPC648A
Reed Universal Pipe Cutter Pneumatic  6-16in - UPC616A
Hire - Universal Pipe Cutter 6 -36 inch Pneumatic