ExactCut Cut & Bevel 360 Pro Series is a groundbreaking new product for cutting and beveling water & sewer pipelines in one process. With the renewed cutting depth adjustment and the best diamond disc on the market, this machine cuts and bevels pipes in one process. You can easily choose the bevel length and depth with the machine’s adjustments. You can even adjust the bevel depth during the cutting process. The machine is extremely easy and safe to use, the patented gripping unit ensures firm attachment to the pipe and makes the use of machine convenient. The machine is portable and can be used with a blade guard (separately orderable product) featured with a vacuum port (when cutting cast iron with concrete layer and plastics) to easily vacuum all the small dust/chips and take the user-friendliness to the next level.

Voltage / Power 230V / 2500W

Voltage / Current 110V, 120V / 15A

No-Load speed I=1900 r/min, II=2885 r/min

Blade diameter 165mm (6.50 inch)

Mounting bore 62mm (2.44 inch)

Weight 17.5 kg (38,6 lbs)

Range of use 75mm – 360mm (3 inch - 14 inch)

Max. pipe wall 20mm (0.8in) steel / 230V 12mm (0.5in) steel / 110V 50mm (2in) plastics

Electronical unit Blade speed preselection, automatic fuse, soft start, torque control

Speed preselection I = Stainless steel II = Cut+Bevel function and all other materials

Loading capacity of supports 465 kg, 1025 lb (3 supports)

Image Code Product Name
plumBOSS exactCUT 170E PipeCut Bevel (Cast Iron/Plastic)
plumBOSS exactCUT 360 AIR PipeCut & Bevel 110-360mm
plumBOSS exactCUT 360PRO PipeCut & Bevel- 75-360mm