exactCUT INOX 140 Blade | PB-P7010509 Description

INOX 140

INOX 140 is a newly developed saw blade for the best cutting results for the most challenging pipe materials.

Intended specially for cutting stainless steel and acid-proof stainless steel pipes.

The blade is cutting edge technology from the world’s top blade engineers and in our cutting tests we were able to make over 100 cuts without re-sharpening the blade. The result is record-breaking compared to our other blades intended for cutting stainless steel. The test pipe was 169 OD, 3 mm wall thickness, 304L stainless.

The blade’s hard metal tip is optimal for working on hard materials and it leaves minimal burr on pipe end. The new technology also reduces chipping forces which provides better accuracy when blade is getting dull in work. This means less adjusting work and better results.


  • Pipe Materials: Stainless
  • Inox steel: Inox steel
  • Machine type: PECINOX220
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