exactCUT TCT Blade P150 (PE,PP,PVC) P400 | PB-P7010489 Description

TCT - exactCUT saw blade

TCT P150 provides the most all-around cutting for soft and hard plastic materials.

The blade teeth are optimal for plastic cutting in terms of shape and size. The teeth spacing is also wider to avoid clogging while cutting plastic pipes.

The teeth are made of tungsten carbide tips designed only for cutting plastics. The blade is long lasting even in frequent use, but when the tips do start to become blunt, the blade can be sharpened to renew the sharpness. This can be done a few times over the blade's total life cycle.


  • Pipe Material: Plastic (PE / PP / PVC etc.)
  • Machine Type: P400 / PEC360 / 280 PRO / 360AIR / 360PRO / 460PRO / P1000
  • Dimensions (mm): 150 x 62 x 1.8 x 1.4 x 40
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