plumBOSS Exact Pipe Bench & Stand | PIPEBENCH170C Description

Pipe Stand For Stable Working Surface

PipeBench is a real mate at renovation sites and it is also very handy for on-site pipe assembly jobs. It is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you need to work with pipes.

It works as a pipe stand by holding the pipe in place with the chain vice that is in the standard equipment. Also with the included 3 pcs pipe rollers, you can conveniently roll the pipe for easy cutting and finishing.

The Pipe Bench is designed for welders and plumbers, who demand stable working surface, easiness and superior mobility.

The main benefit is to simply improve ergonomic working thanks to the optimal desk height of 70 cm. The PipeBench allows you to work on your feet, avoiding the need to cut pipe on ground in an inconvenient posture.

Chain Vice helps significantly when welded pipe needs to be supported tightly or let roll free. The chain can be also tightened loosely, providing stable support even for short pipes.

The most optimal use is intended for smaller size pipe saws and bevellers when you want to have the best portable setup for any pipe work.

PipeBench is packed in one handy compact package. It is easy to be carried or store in your desired location.

All in all, the new PipeBench is a real mate for professionals who appreciate the most ergonomic working with pipes, affordable cost and wants an easy, multi-use bench for a variety of applications.

Standard equipment:

1. PipeBench
2. Pipe Support 3 pcs
3. Chain Vice
4. Operating instructions


  • Height: 700 mm (27.6”)
  • Length: 1450 mm – 2520 mm (57.1”–99.2”)
  • Max load: 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • Material: Aluminium, Plastic, Steel
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