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plumBOSS exactCUT 220 INOX PipeCut 20-220mm | PEC220INOX Description

Pipe Cutter purely for Stainless Steel pipe cutting

New Exact PipeCut INOX 220 is portable and handy tool for stainless steel and acid-resistant pipe cutting. The set-up is fast and simple. Clean and user-friendly design makes it easy to mount on pipe sizes 20 mm – 220 mm (0.8″ – 8.7″) and up with a maximum wall thickness of 12.5 mm (0.5″).

The INOX 220 produces accurate and fast pipe cuts and like all other EXACT machines. The laser pointer shows precise cutting point on pipe.

The machine is supplied with our new INOX 140 blade which provides the best performance in blade life. In fact, the blade life and performance is tremendously improved compared to all previous exact products intended for stainless steel pipe cutting.

With Exact machines you can make up to 10 times faster cuts compared to other methods, but with INOX 220 you can also achieve up to 10 times more cuts on stainless steel, compared to previous solutions – before the blade going completely dull.

To avoid all scratching and subsequent contamination on pipe, the machine’s gripper is redesigned and equipped with wheels of stainless steel that protect the most vulnerable pipe surfaces.

INOX 220 is a lightweight solution for high demanding pipe cutting and it can easily cut pipes up to 12.5 mm wall thickness.

Everything is packed to one carry-on bag with rollers, blade and accessories.

The Pack Includes:

1. Exact PipeCut System Shoulder Bag
2. Exact PipeCut 220 INOX pipe saw with INOX 140 saw blade pre-installed
3. Pipe Cutting supports 4 pcs
4. Operating instructions
5. Allen key 2 pcs (5 mm and 2 mm), attached to saw


  • Pipe material: Stainless/Inox steel
  • Pipe OD: 20mm – 220mm (0.8”- 8.7”)
  • Max. wall thickness: 12.5mm
  • Power or Current: 1600 W (220-240 V)
  • No-Load speed: I (low) = 1900/min / II (high) = 2885 /min
  • Laser for Cutting Point Definition: Yes
  • Traffic Lights for Overheat Control: Yes
  • Blade diameter: 140mm (5.51”)
  • Mounting bore: 62mm (2.44”)
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