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plumBOSS exactCUT INFINITY Plus 360mm and Up | PECINFINITYPLUS Description

Cutting the world’s largest pipes with Infinity

As the name indicates, Infinity is pipe cutting without boundaries in terms of cutting capacity for pipe outside diameter. You can basically cut all pipe sizes (outside diameter) from 360 mm (14”) upwards.

Exact Infinity is a completely new type of pipe cutting system, unlike the other exact models, it uses a chain type of gripping mechanism. Thanks to the flexibility of the chain segments, it allows you to extend the chain segment gripping unit as much as you like.

Thanks to this innovative method, the boundaries of pipe cutting diameter limitations are no longer an issue.

Also available as a Cut+Bevel option for cutting and beveling cast iron & plastic pipes in one process.

Infinity is available in (3) different models depending on your needs

Infinity Standard Infinity Plus Infinity Cut+Bevel
Can cut all pipes from OD 14″ / 360 mm upwards
Can cut and bevel cast iron in one process
Cutting depth adjustment
Constant feed with power drill connection

Can cut all pipes from OD 14″ / 360 mm upwards: Steel, stainless steel, plastics, cast/ductile iron.

Can cut and bevel cast iron: Special blade guard and disc for this purpose is standard equipment in Cut+Bevel model. Plus model can be used to Cut+Bevel cast/ductile iron pipes, if you separately order the needed accessories.

Cutting depth adjustment: A cutting depth adjustment mechanism that allows to cut pipes at desired cutting depth. This mechanism allows you to cut multi-layer pipes. This feature can be used on any pipe materials as needed. Standard equipment only in Cut+Bevel and Plus models.

Constant feed with power drill connection: Special accessory, gearbox, that can be connected to a power drill for even easier working. Standard equipment only in Plus model. For other models separately orderable.

Please note

The standard equipment of Infinity includes chains to cover pipe sizes (outside diameter) from 360 mm (14”) to 1850 mm (73”).

If you need chains to cut pipes over 1850 mm (73”), simply order additional chain segments, which are sold in 2 m (78”) increments.

The standard equipment chains cover the most common large pipe sizes.

The Pack Includes

Infinity standard equipment

  1. Exact PipeCut System Shoulder Bags, 2 pcs
  2. Exact PipeCut Infinity motor unit with Cermet 165 blade installed
  3. Tensioner device
  4. Tensioner device with crank
  5. Chain segments for attaching the saw to pipe:
    2 m, 2 pcs
    1 m, 1 pc
    0.5 m, 1 pc
    0.2 m, 2 pcs
    0.1 m, 1 pc
  6. Operating instructions
  7. Allen keys, 5 mm and 2 mm, attached to saw

Infinity Plus

In addition to the standard equipment the tensioner device is modified to include gearbox for power drill connection. Also a cutting depth adjustment is included.

Infinity Cut+Bevel

In addition to the standard equipment, includes cutting depth adjustment, Diamond Cut+Bevel 165 disc, and a blade guard for it.


  • Pipe OD: 360 mm – Infinity (no upper limit)
  • Max. wall thickness: 20mm (0.78”) iron / 43 mm (1.7”) plastic / 20mm (0.8”) steel
  • Pipe material: Aluminum / Cast iron / Copper / Ductile (nodular cast iron) / Glass fiber / Plastic / Stainless/Inox steel / Steel
  • Blade Diameter: 140mm (5.51”) / 165 mm (6.5") / 180 mm (7.2") / 190 mm (7.6")
  • Mounting Bore: 62mm (2.44”)
  • No-Load Speed: I (low) = 1900/min / II (high) = 2885 /min
  • Recommended Generator Capacity: 4.9kVA for 230V
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