PE Squeeze Off Tool - PES8MMETRIC | RD04708 Description


  • Aluminum parts reduce tool weight for easier handling.
  • Heavy-duty construction for use on metric pipe.
  • Positive stops prevent damage caused by over-clamping.
  • Multiple size/SDR stops on one pair of stops allow using one Reed tool for quick, convenient over-squeezing protection on a variety (see Pipe/SDR Stops above) of sizes.
  • Sliding bar handles make work in tight places easier and increase leverage for tightening.
  • Machined aluminum squeeze bars are anodized or painted to withstand varied climate and soil conditions.
  • Fine-pitched thread permits a controlled, low-effort squeeze.
  • Easy to use in line because of swing bar and no loose parts.
  • Includes an optional-use strap for lifting.
  • Reed offers a wide variety of stops for all Reed PE Squeeze-Off tools.


  • Capacity (OD): 63 - 200 mm
  • Length: 711mm (28 inch)
  • Weight: 36.8kg (81 Ibs)
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