How to Cut & Bevel Ductile Iron / Concrete Line (DiCl) Pipe Efficiently

How to Cut & Bevel Ductile Iron / Concrete Line (DiCl) Pipe Efficiently

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Cutting and Beveling DiCl pipe is a labour-intensive, slow job... or is it? The PlumBOSS ExactCUT has revolutionised the DiCl Cut and Bevel process, allowing for the pipes to be cut and beveled up to 15 times faster, with minimal user effort - Here's how:

Concrete-lined Ductile iron pipe is a tough customer, requiring a lot of time and effort to cut and bevel cleanly... or does it? Let's take a look at a new way to cut and bevel DiCl pipe. 

Traditionally, this kind of pipe would be cut with an angle grinder or a demolition saw, which is a labor-intensive, unsafe and slow process. It often involves two people - one to hold the pipe and rotate it, while the other works to control the heavy saw. There is significant risk of the saw catching and flinging back at the user, which can result in serious injury. Once the cut has been made with the demolition saw, the bevel has to be made as a separate process with an angle grinder. The result? Often a rough cut and bevel that isn't square. But plumbers just have to put up with this... or do they?

How to Cut a Ductile Iron Pipe to Length

Enter the plumBOSS exactCUT. 

plumBOSS exactCUT 360PRO PipeCut - 75-360mm | PEC360PRO

These tools have revolutionised the process of cutting and beveling DiCl pipe with their clever Cut+Bevel blades, strong grippers, and powerful motors. Here's how they work:

The exactCUT is placed onto the pipe and the gripper unit is easily fastened by a simple knob. 

Exact PipeCut+Bevel 360 Pro Series on a blue Saint Gobain Cast Iron waterline Pipe. Showing also the cut and beveled pipe end result that is smooth and consistent

Then the user only has to pull the trigger and plunge the blade into the pipe. The innovative Cut+Bevel blade then pierces the pipe, cuts it, and bevels it at the same time.  

Exact PipeCut+Bevel 360 Pro Series, the pipe cutting machine on a Saint Gobain BLUTOP pipe with a consistent and perfect bevel result on the pipe end

The user then uses the clever ratchet wheel system that allows for an easy push-pull motion to guide the exactCUT around the pipe, reducing strain. The result is a perfectly cut and beveled pipe with minimal effort.

So it is clear the plumBOSS exactCUT is a far superior pipe cutting tool to the traditional demolition saw and angle grinder.

But how much better?

Lets compare some stats gathered from real case studies of the plumBOSS exactCUT vs traditional methods. 

DiCl Pipe Diameter  Cut+Bevel time - exactCUT Cut+Bevel time - Demolition Saw + Angle Grinder
600mm 8 minutes 2 hours
400mm 4 minutes 20 minutes
300mm 3 minutes 15 minutes

Check out this head-to-head race between an angle grinder and an exactCUT:

The plumBOSS exactCUT can truly save you hours of your precious time in a working day. 

In addition to the time saving, the exactCUT always produces a perfect cut and bevel - making those slip joints a breeze.  

The limitations? There aren't many!

Like any electric tool, most exactCUTs cant be used in-situation if there is water present. But, we have that one covered - see the air-powered exactCUT AIR360.

Size? - Not a problem. The exactCUT range includes machines that can cut pipes from 15mm up to Infinity. Yep, Infinity. The exactCUT Infinity uses a chain as a gripper, and with enough chain, it can cut an infinitely large pipe!

Cost? - These tools may be a little pricey, but they soon pay for themselves with the amount of time and effort that they will save you. 


Call us on 1300 331 141 or email to get your exactCUT today!

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